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With SEAcurIT‑e®, there is no need to place all security and trust in any one part of the system, and no single point of failure. Centralised management and control provides both administrators and individual users with the management and control features that they require.

SEAcurIT‑e® is designed from the outset with the presumption that stored key information can be compromised and subject to analysis or attacks such as an exhaustive (or brute force) search to remove any security protection. SEAcurIT‑e® ensures that stored key information is immune to such attacks. More specifically, it is not possible (irrespective of computational power) to derive any information about stored cryptographic keys by analysing the contents of the device, thereby ensuring that the long term protection of security values is assured.

The highly scalable architecture consists of a number of distinct components, each performing a specific task. It is computationally infeasible to recover any security values from the information held by such components, allowing these components to be arranged or outsourced as desired without any compromise or relinquishing of control in security, and ensuring that the system is adaptable and flexible to suit.

The system is highly resilient, and a user's SEAcurIT‑e® key management parameters may be updated at any time without necessitating an update of the user's managed cryptographic values or password.