SEAcurIT-e Ltd


Seacurit‑e® fortifies security and augments security management capabilities for software applications, giving solution providers and developers a clear differentiation in terms of security and control. Its scope is applications and services using cryptographic processes such as encryption, authentication and data integrity. It is applicable to applications ranging from user banking applications to Cloud-resident applications.

Seacurit‑e® provides core security and control functions. It solves crucial and long-standing issues that are particularly relevant to application and system software, such as properly protecting cryptographic keys and other security values in software environments, efficiently managing security values across multiple devices, and providing effective control of the security functions themselves. It does not rely on single repositories of trust but maintains the benefits of centralised management capabilities.

Seacurit‑e® can buttress and enhance PKI and other schemes for the management of cryptographic keys, adding distinct benefits and capabilities in security and control. Alternatively, it can serve as a robust and practical framework for constructing a wide range of secure applications.

For applications or devices relying on cryptographic secrets such as encryption or authentication keys, and particularly where dedicated security hardware may not be appropriate, security and control can be significantly enhanced by Seacurit‑e®. More specifically:

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